Hey Mon!

Beach shoes

Beach shoes (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

Beautiful water, white sandy beaches, gourmet food….

You guessed it! We are not talking about my house here. We are going to the TROPICS! Just in time too. Apparently the weather is about to take a turn for the cold again **snicker** and I am not going to be here this time. At least, I better not! Then again, if the forecast is correct, it may still be snowing when we get back. Oh well, at least I will have a tan. **snicker**

I’m not laughing at you, don’t worry. I’m just so darn excited that I can’t help snickering that we’ll miss a week of winter. Out of six months of the “season”, which started this year in Oct. and will likely last until April, a week seems paltry. But to this Reverend’s Wife, that is a life time in coming! Never have been a-travelling since the ring went on the finger (except a quick trip to Disneyland eighteen long years ago)

Of course, we’re leaving the critters at home with the grandparents. I’m sure they will have  an adventure or two of their own to tell when we get back. We, on the other hand, will not have our children to create the “adventures” for us. What will we do? It will seem so boring…not. Oh, and we’ve had a few “adventurous” kind of vacations (mind you, never to the tropics or anywhere else…just in our Canadian Prairies).

Travelling across the prairies is NEVER a good idea in the dead of winter with toddlers who have ear infections even in the summer with a child who has major motion sickness, and yet we do it every year. Family beckons and we load all of us and our cheap junk in the van and go.  One year we even went to the mountains and winded our way through with barely a need for a “plastic bag”. That was a great time. But we do have hair-raising vacation stories to tell, that are too graphic than I should tell, if there are sensitive stomachs in the crowd.

I sure hope that the roads aren’t as windy or the drivers as nutty as we’ve been told they are in Jamaica, or I may have a story to tell about myself. I’m taking precautions, don’t you worry.

This Irreverent Reverend’s Wife is signing off for now. See you on the other side of the sunshine! I’m sure, the way my life goes, there ought to be some good laughs at my expense in a foreign country.