The Reverend’s Smokin’ Hot 2nd honeymoon

Our 2nd honeymoon was going swimmingly. Until I burnt my legs to a crisp. But then my sweet Rev. went and looked after me instead of getting upset with me (for not putting on sunblock for the morning hours like I should have) and I figure that we’ve come a long ways, since that first awkward honeymoon.

We have been comfy enough to let each do his/her own thing when we want and then hold hands and do some other cool stuff when we wanted to. We are clearly communicating what we need/want and that is a lotĀ easier here than at home with four more voices to beĀ heard. It’s been very special.

No funny story tonight unless you call the heat that is going on here is just my legs burning up the place and not the romance brewing.


Just a hit of a burn on that face. I won’t show you the nasty on my legs.

We are smokin’ HOT!