Nice Bread

Here we were, at our friend’s house. Our whole family there to enjoy Valentine’s Day supper. They can COOK! Oh my. Fancy appetizers, background music, soup, main course with Salmon from Heaven and salads. They brought out the GOOD stuff and we were relaxing and chatting with background music on the speakers.

We got talking about food (or had we even stopped) and I was talking about the pictures that she’s shared on FB with all this cooking, ¬†and I said “You look like you have nice bread!”

Today, The Reverend came home and said “You know when you told our friends that she had nice bread last night?” Well, yes…”I thought you said that she had nice *brea*ts.”


He said that everyone looked shocked with me because of what they thought I was saying was that I was complimenting her chest. I didn’t even noticed shocked looks… Then I blathered on about her incredible BREAD and they understood what I meant. For a few moments though, I was being highly complimentary on our hosts non-cooking skills but bodily parts.

There was background music, people and I said BREAD. She really does have nice bread.

I have learned that my mouth doesn’t necessarily make all the sounds as clearly as what it used to so when I am in conversation with you and I say something out of character or ludicrous, please know I was probably complimenting you somehow.

There’s my embarrassing story for now…Do you have any?