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I like to laugh and have others laugh with me. Through life’s tragedies and triumphs, I’ve learned to find the funny even in the tragic. Just ask me about my Grandma’s funeral. She would have loved it!

I have four kids who give me a lot of material for a book and a husband whose wit is endless. We find a lot of stupid things to laugh at. Being in the ministry, sometimes life gets way too serious, so this is my way to lighten it all up. You may not expect me to laugh at some of the things I do. Sometimes it gets awkward when other people don’t get it but in my head it’s FUNNY! I hope there are not too many awkward moments, just times of humor to light up your corner of the world, even if for a few minutes.


and this is what happens when we say “Let’s take family pictures!” I love these little munchkins!!

Two years after this was written I was diagnosed with a brain tumor. A big one. I continue to want to find the funny in the painful and in those ridiculous places we’ll find ourselves in through the journey. With this family, nothing stays serious for long.


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