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Brain Farts

Every now and again my brain dos something ridiculous that embarrass me. we call them Brain Farts.

I had a friend who took me in to shop and a couple of a ppointments. We happily went through TimH’s drive thru and bought sandwhiches. She handed them over for m4 to hold while she ran an errand. She said to go ahead and eat. So I did. the sandwhiches where not labelled so I grabbed the top one. by the time she got back I realized I had just eaten her lunch. OOPS!!she was forgiving and said “You ar allowed brain farts now and then” What a gracious friend!

kristin and IThis is one of my people who made going to  a nursing home more pleasant than it was. She has been a true friend and incredibly intuitive in her helpfulness. S thankful for people like Kristin who have come to us and ministered to us in many ways.


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