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The things my kids have done or said to me… Dubbed “Tumor Humor”

My oldest was in the middle of having a headache for 2 days in a row and was quite distraught so he got my attention and I gave him meds. He said “Now, Mom don’t go and peg me with those tumor thingies in me.” No need son. There is enough in this family!


When procrastination with homeschooling was busted, and I caught her on it, my daughter was trying to argue with what I said. “You said I could have a candy after doing a subject.”

“No, I said when your school work was DONE. I clearly remember that I said to do your LA and Math and then maybe you could have some candy”.

“Well, I did a subject…!” Yah, the shortest one ever.

While this whole thing was going down, I had been on the phone with a friend. I asked her if she heard me say what I had told my daughter.

She replied “Yup candy, after Math and LA.”

I said to my daughter,” don’t try and use this tumor and memory thing against me.” She harrumphed her way out of the room when she was no longer able to use my memory against me because I had a back up on the phone. I love having back up!! On a good day my daughter can use my lack of memory to work in her favor. Thanks K!!


I will continue to add to this blog post to help me remember the funny or mundane but important things in life that we are experiencing.


One thought on “The things my kids have done or said to me… Dubbed “Tumor Humor”

  1. Thanks for the update, Marcy. I pray for you every day. I’ll remember the rest of your family too. This is tough stuff, but our God is faithful. Keep laughing; it’s healthy!

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