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Not THAT funny

I’ve been known to make a morbid joke about my life with pain, loss and general mayhem, but there are some things that aren’t that funny. Well, ok, there is ALWAYS a little something somewhere if you look really really hard.

So, what we had told to us last night was not funny at all. Not.At.All.

I have a brain lesion on the right temporal lobe of my brain. See? Not funny. As most of you actually know me in real life, you know this already. If you don’t know me in real life, sorry for the jolt. There is no fun way of putting that.

And yet…I still find something to mock. I mock the little lesion in my head. I told The Reverend that I wanted to name it. He looked at me as if I’d lost my mind. *shrug* What can I do? I lost it a long time ago. Now I have proof.

Back up a little. While we were talking with the dr in the surreal atmosphere of his office after waiting for 2 hours, I asked him what a lesion would look like. He said it was not uniform. I asked if it would look like an octopus. I’m a visual learner, dudes. He said that it was an accurate analogy.

So back to the van convo. I said that I wanted to name it. I said that “Sushi” would be a fun name. If we had to live with this thing for a few days/weeks then maybe a name would be appropriate, and funny. Ok, so not appropriate, but it would make me laugh. We laughed a bit about it. Octopus, sushi…get it? It made sense to me…

Then later when I was giggling about it my son left the room. He was obviously upset. I let him go for the moment. My daughter said “Mom, you know how octopus eat? They capture their prey and then go *chomp chomp chomp*” At that point the name “Sushi” no longer amused me. Octopus may be friendly in children’s books but not so much in my head.

‘Nuf said.

I went to my son and apologized making light of it. He said “It is not funny at ALL Mom! You could…I don’t want to say it…”

So, it’s not funny that I have a rude intruder in my head, but I am trusting in the Maker of Heaven and Earth to move this “little” mountain and bring me to health and wholeness. We are only beginning this part of the journey. As a friend of mine said today “It’s just the beginning of another chapter”. As a writer I can appreciate that.

You haven’t seen the last of me yet. I will surely find something inappropriate to laugh about on this journey. Whether or not I’ll be able to type about it remains to be seen but when I do, feel free to laugh. Please. It would make me feel a lot better and now you feel like you have to laugh. See? Easy.


2 thoughts on “Not THAT funny

  1. Not. Funny. But laughter? It’s good medicine. I just got back from a conference and our speaker was talking about the power of thinking thoughts the way we were designed to think – within the boundaries God laid out for us. When we discipline ourselves to think in ways which honour who HE is in our lives, we create health in our soul and spirit AND body in measurable ways. Plus – the act of worship apparently activates our immune system! How cool is that? So laugh, dance, think deeply on the character of God – you will be doing your whole system a bunch of favours!

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