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Nothin’ Funny

**Disclaimer – you may find this too crude if you don’t like potty humor**


Don’t you find that sometimes you just can’t find anything funny about life because life has sucked the funny right out? Yah, me too.

Then my ever-lovin’ “low flow” toilet backs up again for the GA-zillionth time and there it is staring me in the face. When life gives me crap that I just can’t flush…I just laugh!

Seriously, whoever invented low flow toilets may have been thinking about the environment in the abstract but they have NOT met the bowels of my family. Any money we may have saved having the dastardly dumpsters of water, are being flushed down the toilet again and again and again…half the water and twice the flushing.

We should have thought it all through, before we bought, what we considered would be an economical and environmentally friendly toilet. Our family was not born to use low flow. We were not made to be environmentally friendly when it comes to flushing down what we got goin’ on.

that’s all.

So every time we have a “surprise”, every-other day occurrence, where the toilet is refusing the load, we laugh. We get out the tools of the trade, the disinfectant and laugh.

There may be nothin’ funny about a clogged toilet, but we’re going to laugh anyways. In fact, one of our children (who will remain nameless) has been dubbed the royal title as the “Crap Master”. Do not fear, it is taken with a great deal of pomp and circumstance. Or is it poop and circumstance? Ah well…

So when life is serious and you just can’t laugh. Just think of our chronically challenged toilet. If you think you got problems then just flush and plunge. Eventually the problem clears up.

Things could be worse. Or they could be funny. It just depends on the perspective.



4 thoughts on “Nothin’ Funny

  1. Such are the pains of trying to EVERYTHING right! I hear you can buy a regular evil-consumption toilet at the home builder stores for as little as $100 when they’re on sale. It might be time!

    Thanks for the morning laugh, and lesson in smiling in the face of crap. 🙂

    Blessings on your day, my friend!

  2. We tried the same thing… and have the same problem!! We also have a MASTER in this house! Funny thing is, the MASTER is the littlest one in the house!!!

  3. I think it is time, Bobbi. Now to convince the man. He’s put so much time and energy into the art of unclogging that he may have a hard time letting it go…lol. Joy, I’m sorry you know our pain. They don’t have to be big kids they just have big “problems”. 🙂

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