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The Alpha Girl!!

A few months back we had a birthday party for one of my children. The little girls invited to the party decided to play house. There was nothing particularity alarming about little girls playing “house” until…

Suddenly, there was a sharp increase in volume and it quickly turned into a cacophony of bossy voices. It turns out that  all of them were not happy until they could all claim the title of “Mommy”. One unexpectedly yelled out “I want to be the teenager!”  But she couldn’t be heard because of the arguing Mommies. Mayhem was about to make sure this birthday party would end in a brawl. Then a diminutive yet clear voice rang out from the chaos  “YOU, be the mommy. YOU, be the daddy. YOU over THERE, be the teenager and the rest of you be babies.” They all fell into the roles assigned to them. Problem solved and happy play continued.

Alpha Girl emerged from the crowd and saved the day! Every one agreed with the tiny but strong leader and play commenced.The one who wanted to play the teenager was thrilled to get the part. Not just everyone wants to play the part of the moody teenaged girl when playing house.

What I thought would be a shy group of girls turned out to be a very well put together group. Some leadership qualities show up young. It’s not every day you see a leader short in stature rise above the crowd and put order back into a Celebration.


2 thoughts on “The Alpha Girl!!

  1. It turns out that this particular moment was not brought to us by one of my children. LOL! My gal was quietly waiting to see what would happen. She tends to get quiet in a crowd unless it’s her sibs.

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