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The Small Church vs. New People

We attend a very  small church. When our family arrived, six years ago, we doubled the population of children in the church just by arriving on the premises. Everyone was super excited to have a “young” family attend as a result of hiring a pastor who happened to have a young family. We found that our tiny bunch of believers soon became like a family to us. When I haul a kid out of church or give another the evil eye, everyone notices. It doesn’t help that my kids want to sit in the front row. After all that they’ve observed of us as a crazy bunch, they still seem to like us.

When you attend a small church you notice who is there and who is not very easily. I suppose some could look at that as kind of creepy and, as a result, stay away from the lack of anonymity. When new people come in the door, it is clear who the new guy or gal or family is. Eyes of the members light up as the new people get scoped out. Just who happened by this little church on this sunny Sunday? As a church family, we are an eclectic bunch of characters and so we try not to scare those who alight our doors with our exuberance at seeing new faces.  I have to hand it to our church, they really do welcome enthusiastically.

We may not be the church family for everyone but we won’t let you leave without a blood sample. Just kidding. No, we just follow you out the doors if it seems you are trying to make an early escape. Which is what I did today just because I wanted my son to meet their son. I hope I didn’t look as crazy as I actually am. I usually try to leave that until the second visit. I saw the new family making an exit so I grabbed my son. Pulling him toward the doors, he reluctantly followed. Well, I pretty much dragged him. I pushed him in front of me as I made introductions. I think I saw them edge their way out the door as my son tried to pull away with embarrassment. Even my son thinks I’m a little creepy.

Ah well. Let’s hope that they like our weirdness and felt loved, as they walked out of the door, instead of stalked.


2 thoughts on “The Small Church vs. New People

  1. Ha! Great post! Very familiar to me as I have always attended and helped my husband pastor tiny churches. The first time I even saw my future husband was when his teenage self ran back out of our small church and hid in the family car. Ha! As with all typical small churches, our whole youth group was girls, so when we heard a family with boys was arriving that morning we were all waiting to greet them and “make them feel at home” Haha! Poor guy. Been married 35 years now so it has a happy ending. 🙂
    Thanks for the fun memory! Susie

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