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No Cure

Difficult to Cure

Difficult to Cure (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As a gal who likes to get by in life by laughing at the sometimes stupid or difficult parts of life, it’s tough when there is nothing to laugh about. In fact, it’s downright alarming!  It may not be that I’m experiencing particularly difficult times but I am experiencing a humor dry spell. It’s hard, not having things to make light of. Well, there was the one time when I did that one thing that was super embarrassing…but you don’t want to hear about that. It would be based on bathroom humor and well, not everyone is into that…except my eldest son, who is my best audience for those sort of tales. Then he goes and tells everyone else and their pet mice about it and it’s not that funny after the 10097th time. It’s just embarrassing.

I think I’m experiencing the hormonal build up to the storm of menopause and it’s alarming the Reverend something fierce. After crying into my bed sheets about the end of the world because my daughter was being her usual self (ie, argues better than any lawyer I know) and then bouncing back alarmingly fast, he thinks I should go back to my shrink ASAP. Problem is, the insurance is all used up on that one, so you, my friends get to be my shrinks….riiiiight. Nah, I’ll just keep telling you the crazy stuff that goes on in my head. I don’t need opinions, I just need an audience. Ha! I figured it out, after about 5 of these eye-popping episodes, that it may be hormones wrestling with my brain. I mean, I’ve been jogging and I feel better over all, so you’d think that my brain wouldn’t be vulnerable to these vicious attacks by the rise and fall of hormones. I should be all Zen or in the zone or whatever the current train of thought is. I should be happily picking daisies and making flower braids…

Well, I can tell you, it’s not a party in this noggin. I can be blissfully dreaming dreams and living life and some sort of odd reaction to being middle-aged comes and smacks me upside the head. I told my dear Reverend just the other day that I think it’s just my body being bossy and that I’m probably going to be going through the biggest change since puberty in the coming decade. Lucky him! Not only does he have a wife going bonkers because of peri-menopause, he has two lovely daughters that will be flying into their pubescence right around the same decade. I’m not going to lie, I think my oldest daughter is lining up her puberty schedule early, from all indicators. It should be lovely.

Fear not! There is no cure for menopause. I may be in a funny story dry spell but it will surely not last for long. I will try to respect my children’s’ privacy, but there ought to be some good stories shortly, even if I have to make fun of myself…and my husband.




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