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I may not be a morning person

Flower yellow

Flower yellow (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

I was innocently tucked away in my bed, fast asleep, when I had the vague impression something had shifted.

“HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!!!” my kids shouted. They had all snuck in and surrounded my bed.

Barely able to keep myself from emptying my full bladder, the first words out of my mouth were “Coffee…”

Suddenly, I found myself covered in Mother’s Day gifts. I pried my eyes open long enough to see the delighted looks on all five pairs of eyes as they eagerly awaited for me to awake and commence the festivities. The Reverend suggested they let me go to the bathroom to “wake up” and take the gifts to the livingroom. They all grabbed their gifts off of my prone body and filed out the door…all except for one of them.

My blonde haired, blue-eyed boy stayed back and thrust his arms out as soon as I sat upright and wrapped them around me tightly. He stood back and looked me in the eyes and said “Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!  I can hardly wait for you to open my gift!”

I may not be a morning person, but even I could recognize the ironic sweetness in my early morning moments. I wish I could say the same for the rest of the day, but we’ll just talk about the good times, ok?

I hope you had beautiful moments today, my friends. Happy Mother’s Day!

I’m still waiting for my coffee though…


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