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Did you misplace it?

Ok, I’ve been known to misplace things now and again, but I did NOT misplace the stolen meat. In fact, it was the first thing I did. I checked in all the normal spots that frozen meat could be, even my kitchen table. Having 20+ pounds of meat misplaced on the kitchen table is a little unrealistic unless you are me. The Reverend even said “I gave it to you, thennnn…?” The last place I remember putting the gigantic bag of meat is on the table. It was most certainly not on the table a week later. We looked.

I wish I’d taken a picture of it so I could put posters up around town.


So goes the life of the chronically scattered brain. Everyone blames the one with the scattered brain.

I think I’m starting to rub off on the Reverend. Our conversations go something like this.

“Did you move my glasses? Did you throw them away? Did you…?”

“Um…..I don’t think so…” **scratching my head thinking…thinking!**

A few minutes later Reverend finds his specs wherever he put them. Whew! Off the hook this time.

So, despite thinking I could have possibly misplaced my meat, I truly did not…though I am still secretly questioning the possibility myself. I mean, why would someone just go dig into my freezer and take that huge bag of various cuts? They left the cheap bacon. Who leaves bacon?

Thanks for asking, A.


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3 thoughts on “Did you misplace it?

  1. Oh! I didn’t realize that they were no reply chat deals…I am so not techno savvy. Seriously! It is super cool that we seem to be very parallel in our experiences and thoughts. If I ever get to California, I will HAVE to have coffee with you! I am in the middle-of-nowhere Alberta, Canada. Not even close to an airport. If I’m going to publish a book (and clearly you are on that path too) then maybe I’ll have to travel??? I would also like to do some speaking gigs…I would not be adverse to a destination like Sacramento! **wink** It’s not like I’m feeling desperately house-bound or anything from our insanely long winter…(insert crazy laugh here)

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