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Hello, My Name is Marcy

Hello my name is

Hello my name is (Photo credit: maybeemily)

Why yes, I am married to that distinguished, straight-laced, preacher-man over there! We have been married for almost 20 years! Twenty YEARS? I know he makes middle-age look good. Me? I cannot even fathom that all the lines I see on other forty-something women’s faces could be on mine. I am simply not old enough to say I’ve been married to The Reverend that long. Ok, I am, but don’t tell me I look it. Seriously.

We never call him Reverend. That would be too formal for the casual pant, open-necked shirt, dirty dress shoes, affable, comfortable and relaxed (mostly) kind of guy that he is. But he did earn the title through study and hard work, so thus I assume the haughty title of “The Reverend’s Wife”. You may bow down before me now.

Twenty years are a lot of time to be married to a pastor and it gives me a lot of material to spill on a blog like this. You probably don’t know this, but people who go to church aren’t perfect. **gasp** Just gather your wits about you as I am about to tell you another shocking fact. Ready? They don’t know we (the Reverend’s family) are watching them as much as they are watching “the perfect Pastor’s family” (ahem… I think I just choked on spit). Oh yes, everyone wonders if the clergy is perfect and how high a pedestal to put him (and his family) on but we, as a family, are watching too. And you all have given us a lot of stories.

If you are from our church, past or present, you can put down the oxygen mask and breathe. I am not telling any of your secrets…yet. Really, if you don’t know me well enough to know that I have some discretion than continue panicking into your paper bag. Nah, I won’t get into personal history with all the gory details, and some of them are gory.

Trust me.

This place is a place for me to poke fun at life. The fact that my husband is a Reverend/Pastor/Preacher/Minister etc… just makes it more fun to say ludicrous things. That’s all. Real life peeps know I can tend to put a fun spin on even the tragic. I’ve lived it, I can make light of it.

My number one desire is to serve Jesus with all my heart, soul and mind and have a few good chuckles while doing it. Afterall, laughter is good medicine. Pretty sure the Bible says that.

See? I’m not perfect. I don’t know exactly where everything in the Bible is, just in case you were wondering.

The Reverend does.


8 thoughts on “Hello, My Name is Marcy

  1. OMGoodness, I identify with you so much it is scary! yep scary. Last night in bed I was thinking of all the horrible, awful, nasty stories I COULD tell as a PW. My words could start scandals in 3 towns!! Such power. BUT God put his big finger on my lips and shushed me. Ha! Aaand there are untold stories about me out there too so……
    So happy you came to my blog.
    Susie aka the Recovering Church Lady.

    • Susie! Thanks for coming to my blog too 🙂 I think we could have a very interesting cup of coffee if we lived closer. Very interesting 😉

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